Images of mature, female celebrities were starting points for this series of paintings. I was tired of ‘women of a certain age’ being overlooked and not appreciated for their undeniable talent and wisdom so I wanted to celebrate their humour, resilience and creative energy. The images are recognisable but I am not a photo-realist painter. The colour has to be delicious enough to make your mouth water and the surface seductive enough to make you want to touch it. 

Vivian Westwood-web.jpg

Vivienne Westwood, 2019, Oil on Canvas

Annie-web .jpg

Annie Lennox, 2019, Oil on Canvas

Jo Brand-web.jpg

Jo Brand, 2019, Oil on Canvas


Miriam Margolyes, 2019, Oil on Canvas

Kathy Burke-web.jpg

Kathy Burke, 2019, Oil on Canvas


Olivia Colman, 2019, Oil on Canvas


This series of portraits explores the phenomenon of men exploring their sexuality by putting on a dress. I worked from images of an iconic group of male performers and began to discover the layers of honesty, courage, and vulnerability that exist beneath the initial shock or laughter. 

Micky web.jpg

Greta, 2020, Oil on Canvas


Izzy, 2020, Oil on Canvas


Once the current pandemic is under control I have arranged to visit two professional drag queens to listen to their stories and paint them from life. I remain fascinated by the lives of individuals who are too often misunderstood or unappreciated and are determined to shine a loving spotlight on them. 

Red Haired Lady-web.jpg

Molly, 2019, Oil on Canvas